Why choose RPD dental zirconia crowns over others?

Dental crowns are caps which are used by the dentist to cover a tooth or a dental implant. Dentists often suggest crowns as a way to fix broken, weak, or misshapen teeth. Dental crowns are also used to wrap up a tooth that’s very worn down or critically discoloured. You can also use them in conjunction with bridges to strengthen other teeth.

When it comes to the materials that crowns are made of, dentists have diverse possible options, including ceramic and metal. Another option available for some people is a zirconia crown.

What is a Zirconia Crown?

Zirconia crowns are made from zirconium dioxide, a very long-lasting metal type correlated to titanium, although classified as a type of ceramic crown.

Why choose RPD Dental Lab’s zirconia crown over others?

Crowns made of zirconia are becoming frequently common, and they do offer some advantages.


One of the most notable advantages of zirconia is its sturdiness and durability. Think how much force your back teeth used to chew the food. Your crowns need to be made of rugged material so that zirconia may be the right choice for crowns in the back of your mouth. Also, because zirconia is stiff, a dentist won’t have to prepare their patient’s tooth.


According to a 2017 randomized controlled trial published in the Journal of Dentistry, Zirconia-based crowns proved just as well over 5 years as metal-based crowns. Crowns made of zirconia are also called monolithic zirconia crowns which are incredibly durable.


Zirconia Crown is the choice of many dentists for its biocompatibility. This means it’s less likely to stimulate the body into producing a reaction or immunological response like an infection or swelling.

Same-day procedure

Usually, dentists make zirconia crowns in their dental clinics rather than sending an impression of their patient’s tooth to a lab to have a crown made. So, the dentist can cement the crown into their patient’s mouth in a single visit.
Our lab uses a computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology to speed up this process. We also have a dental milling machine to make the crown from a block of zirconia.
This process helps dentists to eliminate the need to stretch the procedure.

We care for your patients!

Starting it’s journey years back, RPD Dental Lab was founded with a vision to advance their Lab, have more proficient teams and produce high-quality dental care products closest to your city of operation. Our dental Lab has enhanced smiles of more than 6 lakhs patients with top-notch restorations and implant prostheses. We serve diverse practices in the area that value the efficiency, esthetics, pricing, and steady reliability of our work. At RPD Dental Labs, we follow stringent quality checks throughout the manufacturing process to ensure consistency and high standards. We blend state-of-the-art laboratories and experienced master ceramists to deliver high-quality dental products customized to fit your detailed specifications. We produce and deliver restorations created with ultimate precision for meeting dentist needs and tailor our services to individual demands of practices.

Solutions We Manufacture

RPD Dental Lab creates top-quality restorations and provides dental laboratory services globally. We have expertise in developing the following types of restorations with exceptionally natural-looking results:


This biomedical grade product relies entirely on impeccable German technology and raw material. It is designed to perform with unparalleled functionality and ease, and RPD Zirconia is a world-class innovation in the all-ceramic prosthesis.


It is a leader in monolithic restorations, by presenting an overall system intended to benefit dental technicians and clinicians. This simple system is excellent and robust and sets major standards in dental technology.

To know more about RPD Dental Lab, visit: https://www.rpddentalart.com/

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