Things to know about Dentsply – Cercon


Crown restorations got to deliver both premium esthetics and superior strength for your patients. Cercon is the new zirconia standard for traditional VITA shade reproduction and restoration durability. Get efficient and reliable performance that’s also compatible with the leading open CAD/CAM systems.

Cercon with True Color Technology sets new standards for zirconia when reproducing the classic 16 VITA shades. Dentsply Cercon provides the finest level of colour accuracy which is supported by our years of experience in ceramic shade-matching.

Cercon – extra translucent zirconia:
It demonstrates diverse high translucency and unparalleled shade accuracy with the natural esthetics. It is especially for the anterior region and augments the Cercon product portfolio.

Benefits of Dentsply – Cercon

The durability of Cercon Zirconia restorations is backed by quite 20 years of proven clinical success. The system is employed to manufacture anterior or posterior single-unit up to multi-unit repairs out of translucent, biocompatible zirconia, the strongest and toughest dental ceramic.

  • Improves productivity with reproducible results and time-savings (no got to dip or veneer)
  • Natural-looking teeth that blend with your adjacent teeth
  • A Metal-Free, Bio-Compatible option
  • A Secure and long-lasting fit
  • Low Hot & Cold Conductivity
  • 5 years of warranty

Features of Dentsply – Cercon


  • Expertise in ceramic material
  • Our production process and in-process guarantee consistent quality
  • Customers have confirmed shade leads to Europe and therefore the USA


  • New disk adapter fits a spread of milling machines.
  • Compatible with many veneering systems
  • Conventional cementation are often used
  • Designed for open systems

Time saving & efficiency

  • Identical sintering program and pre-sintered strength
  • Improves productivity with reproducible results and time savings ( no got to dip or veneer)
  • All 16 VITA shades are available

Premium esthetics even in monolithic restorations

  • Extra high translucency and unparalleled shade accuracy enables life-like esthetics for the anterior region
  • Alternative to lithium disilicate

Cercon is the most appealing material option that blends seamlessly with natural dentition. These latest material innovations are for our dental client’s long term success. It aids in improving satisfaction by knowing you have the best esthetic option available at RPD Dental Lab. It is made in Germany with many years of clinically documented quality and use of high-tech material.

This RPD Dental Lab translucent zirconia milled copings assures natural tooth colour and addresses the bewitching beauty of your patients. Copings made from certified zirconia blocks are accessible in white and ivory shades which are most suitable for crowns or long-span bridges. Cercon concedes computer-aided scanning, designing, milling sintering which is best suited for anterior and posterior applications. It provides excellent aesthetics and is a perfect marginal fit.

Your perfect partner for dental prosthesis!

Starting it’s journey years back, RPD Dental Lab was founded with a vision to advance their Lab, have more proficient teams and produce high-quality dental care products closest to your city of operation. Our dental Lab has enhanced smiles of more than 6 lakhs patients with top-notch restorations and implant prostheses. We serve diverse practices in the area that value the efficiency, esthetics, pricing, and steady reliability of our work.

At RPD Dental Labs, we follow stringent quality checks throughout the manufacturing process to ensure consistency and high standards. We blend state-of-the-art laboratories and experienced master ceramists to deliver high-quality dental products customized to fit your detailed specifications. We produce and deliver restorations created with ultimate precision for meeting dentist needs and tailor our services to individual demands of practices.

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