RPD Zirconia

This biomedical grade product is entirely created using impeccable German technology and raw material. It is designed to perform with unparalleled functionality and ease, and RPD Dental Labs provides world-class dental products in the all-ceramic prosthesis.

RPD Zirconia is a consistent solid zirconia crown or bridge restoration which contains no porcelain overlay. It is an excellent alternative to posterior metal occlusal PFMs and full-cast metal restoration. With a flexural strength of over 1000 MPA, our full strength Zirconia offers the persistence of a gold crown with esthetics nearing porcelain.

Gifted with natural clarity, Zirconia is a sizeable marginal fit, thanks to precision CAD/CAM design and manufacturing. The tooth-coloured crystalline substructure ensures that the natural tooth shade comes right from the internal framework level.

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