Porcelain fused to metal crowns are sintered metal crowns which have porcelain covering over it. The tooth-coloured ceramic is warmed on top of a metallic alloy substructure which is called a coping for the ultimate in strength.

With the metal substructure and the brilliant chameleon effect created by the lustre layer of our high-end classic porcelain, RPD Dental Labs has crafted incredible, healthy and esthetic PFM CAD/CAM(Co-Cr) for every clinical situation. RPD PFM CAD/CAM(Co-Cr) are manufactured using the most advanced materials available.

We use advanced technology to compute cement space digitally, automatically detect the margin, determine the undercut area, and optimize porcelain support. By using this technology, our PFM department has elevated and provided our clients with a superior restoration. We are thrilled to summarise that the process has shown tremendous results by increasing precision at the margin, accuracy of internal fit, and undoubtedly enhanced porcelain support with a natural appearance.

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