LAVA - Translucent - LAVA MAX - Super Aesthetic - Full Contour Zirconia

Lava Crowns are among the most esthetically gratifying and clinically sanctioned all-ceramic restorations options available for dentists. RPD Dental Lab LAVA – Translucent – High Strength Zirconia Crowns contribute excellent long-term stability with no allergenic potential. It is milled from a pre-sintered Lava zirconia block, and each framework is coloured using one of eight shades.

After sintering for 10 hours to achieve strength and breakage resistance, our engineers layer the framework with feldspathic Lava Ceram porcelain. The final Lava Translucent – High Strength Zirconia Crowns demonstrates excellent marginal fit, clarity and long-term durability.

It’s proven high strength performance and 10+ Years of clinical study enabled RPD Dental Lab to deliver LAVA – Translucent – High Strength Zirconia Crowns with 100% Survival rates*.

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