RPD Implant

A dental implant produces distinct advantages over other tooth replacement options. Besides it looks and functions like a natural tooth, a dental implant substitutes a single tooth without damaging the health of neighbouring teeth.

At RPD Dental Lab, we are experienced in creating your most challenging implant cases from start to finish. We have designed a dedicated full-service dental implant department of well-trained technicians to restore your circumstances.
RPD Dental Lab offers a variety of prosthetic crown and bridge options, each formed of a material that is most suitable for your patients.

Treatment options :

  1. Screw retained prosthesis
  2. Cement retained prosthesis
  3. Full mouth restorations
  4. Hybrid prosthesis

RPD Dental Labs offers a complete implant package which includes five pieces.

  1. The surgical guide and the implant itself. Here, you will get a titanium screw that is placed in the jawbone.
  2. The custom healing abutment. A connector between the implant and crown
  3. The temporary and final prosthesis. the part that is visible and looks like a tooth is provided.
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