How RPD Dental Laboratory Takes Dentistry to New Levels

There are a lot of variables incorporated while building an ideal dental lab. From owning a profound staff that knows how to produce quality restorations, to understand how the business market works; how to keep up with recent alterations in the craft; and identify which equipment is the most useful, everything is required to build an ideal dental lab. The contemporary dental laboratory is more than just a restoration factory. It is the forefront of novel equipment, resources, and practices to shape the future of dental care.

RPD Dental Laboratory

Starting its journey years back, RPD Dental Lab was founded with a vision to advance their Lab, have more proficient teams and produce high-quality dental care products closest to your city of operation. With top-notch restorations and implant prostheses, our dental Lab has enhanced smiles of more than 6 lakhs patients. We serve diverse practices in the area that value the efficiency, aesthetics, pricing, and steady reliability of our work.

Presently, we operate with 1200 + doctors spread across Mumbai, Maharashtra, Goa, MP, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Varanasi (UP). RPD Dental Lab takes pride in working with international European dental labs for providing skilled dental laboratory services to dental professionals over many years. At RPD Dental Labs, we follow stringent quality checks throughout the manufacturing process to ensure consistency and high standards.
We blend state-of-the-art laboratory and experienced master ceramists to deliver high-quality dental products that are customized to fit your detailed specifications. We produce and provide restorations created with ultimate precision to meet the needs of dentists and cater to their individual demands.

How RPD Dental Laboratory Takes Dentistry to New Levels?

1. Sharing the Knowledge

The role of laboratories in sharing knowledge with dentists has become so important with the advent of new technologies and techniques. So many variations and alterations in the dental world is confusing. Therefore, both dentists and laboratory engineers need to work together. There are specific material and aesthetic modifications, and by communicating with the doctors, we can talk about the pluses and minuses, which eventually help them choose the best restoration for their patient.

2. It’s All About Collaboration & Active Learning

To ensure success, learning and proper communication about cases, Dental Laboratories are experiencing phases to reach out and provide information about new products. At RPD Dental Lab, we encourage open communication between dentists and our technicians about each case. Photographs that dentists forward to the laboratory can provide a better idea of who the patient is and what the smile looks like.

3. Using CAD/CAM for all its worth

CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing) technology is used and adopted by every dental Lab. It is acclaimed for several benefits, such as accuracy, excellence, speed and consistency. CAD/CAM actually aid significantly in the productivity of our dental laboratory.

4. Make use of an unconventional tool

Some pieces of equipment used by a dental lab aren’t conventionally acknowledged with lab work. At RPD Dental Lab, we use digital photography to ensure the superiority and craftsmanship of dental cases.

5. Transform your Lab from traditional to all-digital

Digital photography consents for more operative, efficient communication between labs and dentists. This helps them to produce the desired restorations.

Whether we own a small or large laboratory, the products available here are manufactured for success which continues to grow and evolve. Our mission is to evaluate our Lab with modern workflows and requirements with the use of advanced technologies.

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