High - Translucent Zirconia

RPD H/T Zirconia gives impeccable marginal fit and precision through CAD/CAM. It also has translucent and non-translucent options. High translucency zirconia can be used for anterior aesthetic cases with high strength requirement.

Zirconia is a sturdy material, and at RPD Dental Lab, we have found that some clinicians believe this material is abrasive to opposing dentition which isn’t necessarily correct. It is probable to avoid excessive abrasion by ensuring zirconia restorations are manufactured with a smooth surface. Sometimes the materials used to veneer zirconia can be more caustic to the enamel. 

With high translucent zirconia, the durability and wear properties are very similar to traditional zirconia systems. It’s been shown that ageing will not affect the smoothness of the material, and power is the same as previous generations of zirconia. 

High-translucent zirconia is excellent for single anterior and posterior crowns, for bridges up to 3 units, and implant crowns. Like all zirconia restorations, RPD high-translucent zirconia is biocompatible, plaque resistant, and a tremendous metal-free alternative to PFMs.

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