8 advantages of Intraoral scanner.

Dental Industry has evolved with the advancement in technology. It’s made the work easier for dentists. One of the most common technologies that have improved dentistry is 3 Shape Intraoral Scanner. It is favourably a tool to capture optical impressions for dentistry.

Since its introduction, this technology and its processes have dramatically enhanced by diversifying the dentist profession. The dentist fraternity’s positive response has mostly contributed to the expansion in this impression method’s usage.

Advantages of 3 Shape Intraoral Scanner

Happier patients

Patient convenience is paramount, and scanning provides a way more comfortable, tolerable, and faster than the regular use of impressions. There are no gag reflexes or obnoxious smells or tastes from physical appearances that many children complain about through scanners. Also, patients do not have to stress about feeling suffocated.
The intraoral scan also gives patients peace of mind by allowing them to ascertain what their teeth could appear as if (virtually) before starting their treatment.

Lower costs and less storage space is needed.

Rather than using plaster models, PVS or alginate, the dental experts use scanning. This new technology is used to get an initial model of their patients teeth before starting their treatment. This protects space for storing as there are no physical impressions that require to be stored physically, and costs are reduced because impression materials do not have to be shipped.

Diagnosis and treatment are formed easier.

The intraoral scanner is often used to diagnose patients and execute a treatment plan. Dental procedures are repeatedly tried and practised virtually before completing an irreversible dental process. Teeth are often moved around moreover dental extractions simulated. The patient can visualise what their teeth could appear as if before they ever have treatment.

Indirect bonding is more comfortable, faster and precise.

Earlier, braces were placed directly on stone models to identify the transfer jigs onto the patient’s teeth. Although the braces were accurate, the method was time-consuming and impractical. Digital indirect bonding is far quicker, easier to use and more precise. Patients are scanned with the 3Shape Intraoral scanner, and braces are often placed virtually before the transfer jigs are made and directly printed with a 3D printer.

Splints are made more comfortable.

Before, during and after treatment, it’s essential to possess healthy and stable temporomandibular joints. Scans can detect problems before braces are made and attached to the patient’s teeth. Splints are often designed and printed in 3D, a bit like indirect bonding trays are made.

The intraoral scanner can send information to Invisalign®.

Dental clinics offer a spread of treatments, including Invisalign and lingual braces. 3Shape Intraoral scanner is that the only external scanner will directly send ideal information, so it’s incredibly beneficial for each patient undergoing Invisalign®.

More effective communication with labs

Files to be sent on to the lab. This suggests communication is quicker, more comfortable and more efficient. If there are any issues or doubts about making braces, they will be communicated and solved directly. There’s also less rotation with the time it takes for appliances to be made.

Better communication with interdisciplinary teams

Many patients need an interdisciplinary team to treat their case. Alongside an orthodontist, will need a restorative or maxillofacial surgeon. New technology, just like the intraoral scanner, allows everyone to speak better, exchange ideas and execute a vision.

Mid treatment records are often analysed easily.

In the world of orthodontics, it’s often necessary to require a step back and analyse patients’ progress. Mid treatment records are often needed to form sure treatment goes as planned. The intraoral scanner can quickly scan patients, even those with brackets, to ensure their treatment is on the proper track.

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