5 reasons why dentists prefer RPD Dental Lab over others

When it comes to patient care, we all know how important it’s for the dentist. A dental lab bridges the gap between patient care and dentists reputation. We all know the proper lab is often a differentiator for dentists. That’s why we would like you to possess a lab relationship that helps improve patient retention, increase referrals and enhance customer lifetime value. Once you find the proper lab, you’ll retire with it.

Here are the highest five belongings why dentists prefer RPD Dental Lab over others:

We put patients first

Once we create our restorations, it’s not almost fulfilling an order, but about the patient’s experience. We all know that our products will support their treatment plan created to satisfy their unique goals and aspirations. We want to instil a way of comfort and confidence once they use our products because we all know that they’re going to be a neighbourhood of a number of their most eminent milestones.

We’re a full-fledged dental lab

While some dental labs might specialize in one speciality: removable or implants, for instance, we are a full-service dental lab. Our strength is that we will provide our customers with many options. We must not turn anyone away, thanks to economic reasons. We always check out the whole picture to plan the simplest possible solution for our customers.

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We use the newest technology

Digital technology has completely revolutionised the way that dental labs function. Thanks to technology that we currently have in our lab, we will reduce turnaround timelines, chair-side time for our dentists, and advance the accuracy of restorations made. We are always trying to find new technology to utilize in our workflows with our staff to repeatedly improve the method with which we deliver our products and services.

We’re committed to communication

We pride ourselves on always providing consistent transparent communication with our clients. From chair-side assistance, consult on complex cases, support throughout order fulfilment, and follow-up. We take a proactive approach, so you’re never left within the dark. We provide multiple channels, email, phone, or through our portal, so you’ll get questions answered promptly during a method that you prefer.

We have an efficient sales process

We’re not focused on filling a quota. Our sales process at RPD Dental Labs is exclusive therein we specialize in checking out our customer’s unique goals and aspirations. We form an idea that delivers a custom solution which matches your needs and therefore, the needs of your patient. We’ve clients that have worked with us for years because we believe in the long-term relationship and not just getting another case.

Starting it’s journey years back, RPD Dental Lab was founded with a vision to advance their lab, have more proficient teams and produce high-quality dental care products closest to your city of operation. With top-notch restorations and implant prostheses, our dental Lab has enhanced smiles of more than 6 lakhs patients. We serve diverse practices in the area that value the efficiency, esthetics, pricing, and steady reliability of our work. At present, we operate with 1200 + doctors spread across Mumbai, Maharashtra, Goa, MP, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Varanasi (UP). RPD Dental Labs takes pride in working with international European dental labs for providing skilled dental laboratory services to dental professionals over many years. At RPD Dental Labs, we follow stringent quality checks throughout the manufacturing process to ensure consistency and high standards. With a vision of fulfilling requirements of the dental industry, we possess the knowledge, technical support and assistance to meet the demands of your patients. We strive to deliver a stress-free process that makes us your reliable partner.

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