3M-LAVA Essential Unbelievable Value - Believably 3M

RPD Dental Lab is a trusted brand with exceptional significance for 3M-LAVA Essential Unbelievable Value – Believably 3M. Now, with Lava Essential Zirconia, you can rest persuaded that you source your materials from a trusted industry leader.

Lava from 3M Lava Essential Zirconia offers reliable performance and assures long life. It gives excellent marginal fit and precision through CAD and CAM and has crystalline and non-translucent alternatives. 3M Lava Essential Zirconia is the first choice for CAD/CAM produced Zirconia restorations with its key features: implant prostheses, single crown, splinted crowns, up to 8-unit bridge in anterior and 6-unit in the posterior region.

At RPD Dental Lab, we use high strength of 1400 Mpa and durable enough for clinical situations with small occlusal reduction of 1.2mm for Lava Essential Zirconia.

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